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Welcome to Farmington Chamber of Commerce, New Mexico

Located in the northwest corner of the state, Farmington, New Mexico, is a wonderful place to live and do business. Farmington is part of San Juan County which covers 5,560 square miles. Great shopping opportunities, progressive schools, state of the art medical facilities, and friendly people are all reasons to love sunny Farmington, New Mexico.

Farmington is a community that energizes the life journeys of outdoor lovers and active families.


Who We Are

An association established to further the business interests of its community. Incorporated as a 501(c) (6). The Chamber is not part of local, state, or federal goverment, though we do partner with different organizations to help accomplish goals.


What We do

Promotes commercial and industrial activities

Works to improve the economic and civic vitality of our community

Sponsors programs that promote community development

Provides creative business leadership to help solve community problems




What We Do For Our Members

Provide Networking Opportunities

Recommend member businesses

Promote the community

Work to insure a friendly business climate 

All Meeting are held at the Chamber office, 100 W. Broadway

Education Committee
August 25th 4:00pm 

Health & Wellness Committee
September 1st 3:30pm

Finance & Operations
September 8th 4:00pm

Board of Directors
September 9th 10:00am

Promotions & Special Events
September 10th 8:30am

September 14th noon

Farmington Young Professionals
September 15th 5:30pm

Education Committee
September 22 4:00pm

Flamingo Flocking

August 17-28

The Farmington Young Professionals will flock your friends, or they will even flock you. It is fun and will bring smiles to al who see the free ranging flamingos. Fill out the request form or call the chamber to set up a day.

Proceeds raised go toward the FYP Leadership San Juan Scholarship.

 Flocking Request Form

Upcoming Events


New Members